The Grindettes are are group of
4 women with unique backgrounds and one major thing in common:

We play poker for a living.

The term "grinder" is often used to describe those poker players who are not famous or household names, but ones who are "grinding" out a living, consistently winning in smaller increments. People don't usually think of women when talking about grinders, but we are out there and we do exist. While there may not be many of us, we work just as hard as every one else and are just as good as everyone else. We are not household names and we are not famous but we are defying the odds in this male-dominated poker world.

We are successful and profitable playing a game that is constantly changing in an industry that is full of some of the brightest minds of our generation.

We are smart and charismatic women with professional experience in other fields which helps us to pursue our dreams on the felt.

We are proof that women can play poker.